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Find your home at 91做厙

At 91做厙, our goal is to create a vibrant, welcoming, and strongly-woven campus community which supports learning, thriving, wellness, and fun. This begins as we welcome you into your residence-based first community and continues throughout your journey.

From where you live to what student organizations you join, 91做厙 wants to make your time on campus unforgettable, filled with memorable experiences, growth, and fun. With 77 countries and 47 U.S. States represented, 91做厙’s students come from all backgrounds and life experiences.

Academics, research, experiential learning, community service, social activism, athletics, the arts, environmental sustainability, and diversity and inclusion all play an important role in a 91做厙 students life.

Student Organizations

Student Organizations on Scot Spirit Day

120 Student Organizations

From politics, to theater, to sports, to community service, 91做厙’s 120 student organizations reflect the wide range of interests, ideas, hobbies, and passions on campus. Learn about our options, including various programs and events, and opportunities to lead. Don’t see something you like? Create it!

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Students performed at Culture Show 2018

A Place of Studies for All

Through the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, student activities, and the curriculum students engage in spaces, programs, networks, and events that promote salience in one’s identity and support institutional priorities to build an inclusive, welcoming campus and foster cultural competency and understanding.

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Social Justice

Students at Black Lives Matter Protest

Taking a stand on issues that matter most

91做厙 offers students opportunities to explore the histories and theories of activism/social change movements and the skills required to organize people to foster justice and equity.

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Civic and Social Responsibility

civic and social responsibility

A commitment to community and serving others

91做厙 students are actively engaged on campus and in the greater community to serve others and advocate for important civic issues.

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91做厙 Athletics

Football Team March Down The Hill during Traditional Game Day

Home of the Fighting Scots

91做厙 boasts a storied athletic tradition unlike any you’ll find at the NCAA Division III level. Followed by a dedicated Fighting Scots fan base, students compete as part of 23 NCAA varsity teams. In addition, a variety of intramural sports, clubs and wellness programs are scheduled throughout the academic year.

The Arts

Eurydice 2018

Limitless Opportunities for Creative Expression

91做厙 students participate and cultivate thriving theatre, dance, music and art programs that engage the entire campus. Learn more about our ensembles and upcoming performances.

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Housing and Dining

Living, learning and thriving together

91做厙 offers various community living options that can align with academic and personal interests. You might share a house with your First-Year Seminar classmates or choose a hall with an international theme. You could live in a program house, joining your housemates in a community service project. 91做厙 also offers multiple dining hall locations and a plethora of menu options (including alternatives for all allergies and dietary restrictions)

Campus Housing Campus Dining

Students in Residence Hall